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195*180*42MM | i3/i5/i7-4th Gen

ops 22


195*180*42MM | i3/i5/i7-6/7/8/9th Gen

ops 22


195*180*42MM | i3/i5/i7-10th/11th Gen

ops 22


195*180*42MM | i3/i5/i7-12th/13th Gen

ops 1


180*119*30MM | i3/i5/i7-11th Gen

ops 1


180*119*30MM | i5/i7-12/13th Gen

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What is OPS ?

OPS stands for Open Pluggable Specification.It is a standard created by Intel in 2010 to define the mechanical and electrical specifications for an industry-standard architecture of digital signage players, allowing for easier installation, use, and maintenance of digital signage equipment. Nowadays, in addition to digital signage, OPS is widely applied to Interactive Flat Panels and Video Walls.

How To Choice the Correct OPS for IFPD?

In 2010, Intel introduced the first version of OPS: standard size of 180x119x30mm  with an 80-pin JAE connector, known as the international standard version.


ops standard size 2
ops standard size

In September 2014, Intel, in collaboration with JWIPC (our OPS motherboard supplier), announced a new version for the Chinese market called OPS-C (OPS-Chinese Version) : standard size of 180x195x42mm with the same 80-pin JAE connector.

In 2015, Intel introduced OPS-C+, which added expandability to OPS-C (for example, supporting an interface with an additional HRS FX18-40, adding 40 pins to the standard 80-pin JAE, making it 120 pins). However, this standard has not been widely adopted, even in China (where most schools and government tender projects require the use of the 80-pin JAE standard interface).

ops-c standard size
OPS C standard size 2

As a consumer looking to integrate an OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) into your Interactive Flat Panel (IFP), here are some key points to consider:

1. OPS Standard Compatibility: Ensure that the OPS slot on your IFP follows the OPS standard. You can usually get the answer from your seller.

2. OPS Interface: Confirm the type of OPS interface your IFP supports. Most devices use the 80-pin JAE interface, but some brands may opt for a 120-pin interface (OPS-C+). Be aware that OPS-C+ (120-pin interface) is less common in the market, and finding third-party OPS modules that match this standard may be challenging. If your IFP supports OPS-C+, you might need to source the OPS module directly from the manufacturer.I can foresee that the price will be very high.

3. Physical Dimensions: Check the physical dimensions of the OPS slot on your IFP and compare them with the OPS module you intend to purchase. Ensure a proper fit to avoid compatibility issues.

For example, in the first image below, the manufacturer reserved a space for OPS-C. If you use OPS (2010), it cannot be fully inserted unless you cut off the two fixed ears as shown in the picture. In the second image, the manufacturer reserved a space for OPS, and some OPS-C may have mounting holes in the middle. You only need to remove the top fixed ears and install it into the reserved mounting holes.

ops ops c slot2
OPS C ops slot2

4. OPS Power Consumption: This is also crucial. Some customers, due to entertainment or office software requirements, may need to configure Discrete Graphics for OPS. However, when you spend a lot of money on an OPS with Discrete Graphics, you may find that the OPS cannot even start on the IFPD or worse, the IFPD’s power board is damaged because the IFPD designed max power is too low. For example, if your OPS uses an i7 10700 CPU, the total OPS’s power consumption of approximately 120W, and a GeForce GTX 1650 Discrete Graphics with a power consumption of about 100W, then your IFPD power supply needs to be at least 300W. However, some IFPD factories only consider the power consumption requirements of the built-in Android motherboard and the scenario where customers only use integrated graphics on their OPS.

5. OPS System: Most OPS modules come with pre-installed Windows operating systems, but you may need to activate the system with your own license. However, some OPS modules may not have an operating system pre-installed, and you’ll need to install one yourself. Therefore, before making a purchase, it’s important to confirm with the seller whether the OPS module comes with a pre-installed operating system and inquire about the system version.

6. Brand Compatibility: Some Brands may have proprietary OPS modules or specific compatibility requirements. Check with the brand representative to ensure the OPS module is compatible with your IFP model.

By paying attention to these factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing an OPS module for your Interactive Flat Panel, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

How Much Does an OPS Cost?

price of ops

As a consumer, The cost of an OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) can vary based on factors such as brand, specifications, and features. Generally, OPS modules range in price from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars.

Taking the example of the OPTOMA OPS3-I7, the configuration includes a Quad-core Intel® Core™ i7 10510U (8MB Smart Cache, 1.8 GHz base, 4.9 GHz max Turbo), along with 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM. The quoted price does not include the Windows operating system, and it is offered at a promotional price of $1699. This pricing is comparable to the Optoma 5652RK – 65″ Interactive Flat Panel Display ($1999).

Yatal Tech, as an IFPD factory, collaborates with various top-tier OPS supply chains in China. If you are a wholesaler, feel free to contact us for pricing inquiries.

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